What is making UBC Faculty of Health Executive Associate Dean, Dr. Roger Wong, smile through these unprecedented times? And how will we all heal as a whole from this pandemic? In this episode, Dr. Wong gives us insight into his details from the front line. He outlines key stats, new medical advancements in his department and lets us in on his outstanding leadership initiatives. Despite being a data-driven person with a dense medical background, find out why Dr. Wong truly believes that compassion is the key to any cure. Tune in for more!


In this episode, you'll hear about: 


  • How COVID-19 has revealed these pinnacle underlying problems in the medical system and why this has created opportunities for a better future
  • What leading with compassion really means from a medical lens 
  • An introduction to UBC’s Connecting With Compassion Initiative
  • A specific look into the struggles of seniors during this pandemic 



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