One of Canada’s most prolific entrepreneurs, Drew has been an executive and chairman across multiple businesses, one of his greatest feats perhaps is building Indochino. If you’ve heard of it, then you most definitely have ordered a suit or two from it. Tuning in from Indochino HQ, we’re here today with the CEO Drew Green to discuss all things under the smoky haze of the Vancouver sky. Drew opens up about his philosophy as an entrepreneur, father, and contributing member of society. Find out how he turned Indochino from a niche brand into a global phenom, the moments he’s been most proud of in his career, and how he structures his day to day life by striving to inspire. This is a must listen to interview.


In this episode you'll hear: 

  • Drew’s philosophical take on leading an inspired life
  • What it looks like to successfully prioritize your happiness 
  • On keeping track of his daily goals through a 25-year-old spreadsheet 
  • A Snippet on building Indochino into a global brand


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