Elias was named one of the top 20 most powerful figures in Canadian basketball by SportsNet. He is an individual that feels a sense of responsibility to develop the sport to a world-class level here in Canada, doing such from extremely humble roots. Co-founder of North Pole Hoops as well as the National Preparatory Association, Elias works with executives and players alike on the NBA, Olympic, NCAA, USPORT, and High School levels. This conversation is about the methodologies around creating elite players, prosperous cultures and a profitable basketball ecosystem in Canada as well as many other topics. 


the substance.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:


  • The formula’s to create both great teams and elite players
  • How Elias drafted the blueprint for a now thriving Canadian sport
  • NPH’s systems for evaluating players and employees alike. 
  • Creating an Identity as a player & what coaches look for in athletes 
  • The business of basketball, NCAA, Amateurism and an insider scoop on what is changing in the NBA and NCAA 
  • What’s truly important for athletes as they try to transcend to the next level 



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