A mother, a CEO and an absolute boss babe, Paulina Cameron knows how to shake the system and pave way for women entrepreneurs with grit and compassion. In this episode, Paulina lays down the truth of the entrepreneurial hustle, the leaps people have taken during COVID-19 and how she actively works towards shifting the narratives for the future. You can count getting honest advice from this resilient woman who has her hands full with her family life, being the CEO of Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, the Co-founder of Young Women in Business, being on the board of directors of YWCA, the author of Canada 150 Women: Conversations with Champions...and the list goes on. Tune in for more!

You'll hear about: 

* On Being a mother and a CEO

* Paulina’s philosophy on how to maintain and create a resilient work culture 

* The reality of Women in the global economic landscape 

* Shifting the narrative of what it means to be an entrepreneur 

* On Entrepreneurial agility: How quickly are we going to bounce back from COVID-19?


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