The one, the only, high vibrating Akeem Pierre deconstructs what true healing and the process of ‘re-treating’ yourself is. His humble approach to life and warm personality fosters a genuine conversation about health and wellness from a spiritual perspective. Akeem elaborates on his health retreat experiences and the culture that inspired his mindful intentions towards food, language, and self-love. 

His brand champions high-grade healing products such as Irish Seamoss, Bladderwrack and Herbal Teas freshly brought in from the beautiful Island of St. Lucia and he even shows you how to incorporate these elements in your daily life on his youtube channel, with recipes for some delicious soul food.


In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Making Conscious Decisions on Diet to Elevate Your Mind and Lifestyle 
  • Competence and Appreciation of Your Pace and Path
  • Describing the Driving Force Behind Akeem’s Brand and His Mental Shift Towards Wellness 


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