CEO of Social T, Tara Clark's passion for social media struck in 2005 when her University became one of the first few schools to gain access to Facebook. Since then, Tara saw an opportunity to utilize social media to launch her company @socialtyvr which creates engaging content for organizations ranging from food to finance (you can see who she's worked with here: With her dense track record and wealth of knowledge, this is a talk for everyone to tune in on. She describes the volatile space of the social landscape since COVID-19 started and how that has affected the consumption of content, in her perspective. She also nails down the important ways brands can use their online presence effectively during social movements. Find out more in today’s episode!



  • Why Tara Chose Social Media Management as an Integral Career Path Before it Became Popular
  • How to Navigate The Social Space for Your Clients in the Face of Political Movements 
  • Is there a right way to produce content that matters? Does impactful content always convert to the desired traction?
  • How to Consume Social Media without Letting it Consume You 


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