What if politicians had excellent microbiomes? Would they make better decisions? What do our microbiomes have to do with the way we think, behave, and navigate through life? Kale Brock has some answers for us in this week’s episode. Tune in for a diverse conversation about understanding healthy living on a molecular level from someone who has taken their own fitness journey to the next level and has produced two films (The Gut Film and The Longevity Film) to bring his wealth of knowledge to the public sphere.  Kale Brock is in the pursuit of investigating why people in the Blue Zones live longer, why or why we don’t feel 10/10 on a daily basis, and what it means to live in a biologically appropriate way. Hit play and don’t miss out on this incredible conversation. 


  • Kale Brock’s journey into higher-level healthy living 
  • What does it mean to live in a biologically appropriate way?
  • The making of The Gut Film and The Longevity Film
  • Understanding microbiomes and how it links to our health, mental health and the way we live 
  • Why people in the Blue Zones live longer 


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