The MVMT Challenge & the thinkspace podcast teamed up to answer the question, how do we make the most of this unprecedented time? Who better to offer leadership than Human Capital Consultant, Corker Co. Founder, and professional Ironman Athlete, Steph Corker. Steph and thinkspace host Joss Biggins riff about what this ‘new normal’ is, how we can unlock the human potential, creating resiliency and easing anxiety. 

What are the skills we need now? How do we create a new baseline? How can we frame this time in our lives mentally? These questions and more one episode 67 of the thinkspace podcast. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast to hear more! 



  • How does Business Women and Athletes pivot under COVID-19 Circumstances 
  • KEY TAKEAWAYS to Stabilize Your Mental Health 
  • Why your pace is the only one that matters. 
  • What is a personal board of directors? 
  • Impact of your language on your thinking


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